Monday, March 19, 2012

Pretty Simple :)

Hey there, Hey square! 
Welcome to another blog post of mine :)

Today, i decided to wear a pretty simple outfit compatible with the summer sunshine. A plain white long sleeved top from MANGO, a pair of floral breezy shorts from MY MOM'S TEENAGE TIMES, orange shoes by SHOOOZ, Dangling hoops from PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE, and a handbag by STONE MOUNTAIN.

What i like best about mango is that they sell pretty good basic tops. Such as their plain colored tank tops, t-shirts, and long sleeves. We all know how important basic tops are, right? and it's actually a good thing that mango usually has those for us. Not only are they perfectly basic, they fit just right, too. I don't know if this only applies to me and my friends, but as far as I've noticed, their tops actually compliment whatever body type a girl may have, making them look rather sexy. It's just a matter of finding the right size. 

Believe it or not, but this was really from my mom's teenage days. As i was going through her closet, i found this! I just knew that it would be worth customizing! And yeah, it really was :)
This used to be long, but i had a tailor cut it short for me. Now, it looks a whole lot better than before. TADA!!! :D

 Orange shoes by Shoooz. Cool name, huh? Shoooz :)

One day, my dad took us girls (my mom, grandma and sister in law) for shoe shopping. I already i had two pairs in my basket, and i wanted to get this other pair i saw. But dad won't let me cause he said that two was already enough, not unless i would be willing to give up one (pfff!) So i thought of a plan. I looked for a pair that would be of his taste, and of course mine too! And that's when i saw this! I immediately ran to my dad and asked him if i could have the pair. He looked at the shoes and made me wear them. He stared at them for a while and said, "Now, those are shoes!" 
yeeaaah, IT WAS A SUCCESS! 
No pair was left behind :)
Dangling Hoops from people are people that finished my whole outfit!
Never was i wrong to "bling" em' all out today :) 

A handbag by Stone Mountain 

Now, here's a bag that i get tons of likes from. 
Many people compliment this bag way much more than me! Like, yeah, i think i look waaay more better than the bag, people! common! hahaha! :(

But yeah, it is nice. Quality is also good. 
I mean, what's not to like? 
It's actually GORGEOUS!
I'm so lucky to have this! :))

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