Thursday, March 29, 2012

Get Loose!

So, are you here for me?

OR, are you here for my bag?!

Sometimes, i could be so NOT funny! But yet, i can still afford to laugh at my own jokes! :)
hahaha! OMG! i feel so stupid. I better stop, right now. 

Loose top. Short Shorts. Hoop Earrings. A few Banggles, and A bag.


And Banggles

OKAY! so, today. I really had no official plans really, other than going to my boyfriend's house of course. When i woke up at around 12pm, oh gosh was it hot!  Not even taking a shower could solve the heat problem. Then, i just knew that i had to wear something breezy! Something that wouldn't make me feel the scourging heat worse than it is! 

I'd really wear a tank top or sleeveless dress, only if i didn't have such a huge stomach and ginormous arms! Like, yeah! I gained weight since my boyfriend got home from Manila, but seriously, i really have to get rid of all these fats before summer class starts! ugh!

So, anyway! I had to look for something loose WITH SLEEVES that would cover my arms. That's when i found this. A loose top my friend and i bought at a thrift shop downtown. It was like, our very first time to go to one, and we were so thrilled to have bought clothes for as low as 20php! You might think twice on buying clothes this cheap, but with this one? 

Today was so hot like WOAH! 
but i managed to take control over that with this top. 
I mean, see how happy i am! I'm actually enjoying it...with em' SHORT SHORTS! :)

It's a designer bag that my boyfriend hates carrying! 
 He obviously doesn't appreciate it's perfectly fine leather and cool signature metal underneath it...MEN! 
He freaks out every time he sees this bag. Clearly, he knows that he'd be the one assigned to carry it. hahahaha!

But if i'd have to carry this myself, I totally wouldn't mind. I mean, if a woman was made to carry around a baby in her womb 24/7 for 9months, then i guess carrying this bag around for a day wouldn't hurt half as much! 
Am i right, ladies? :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Busy Cutie

Wondering why i have two bags? 
Well if you are, then it's because today is a busy day!
And guess what...

So, yeah. It's summer, and my mom's consistently "FORGETTING" to leave me my allowance. Like, how does she even expect me to leave the house without money, right? If i don't make an effort to go to her to get my allowance, i don't think she'd even bother to just leave it on the table at home. Although yeah, i'm quite lucky she still does give me allowance during summer. But, imagine the hassle. Shes'd make things a whole lot easier if she just leaves the money at home. That way, i wouldn't have to go to her office and like, be a disturbance. Get my point? But whatever. 

And aside from that, there's this swimsuit that i like so bad. 
Like, 'I LIKE IT SO MUCH I HAVE TO HAVE IT' kind of like. 
And i don't think anybody else is going to buy it for me, 
but myself! 

Simple! Like an average teenage girl with 
a scarce amount of  money, 
I'll be selling chocolates that i made, 
and dresses brand new and pre-loved! :)
But of course, a girl doing business should always look appealing to her customers! 
So, here's what i wore! :)

First up, is my favorite butterfly necklace.
See, this is not the first time i wore this. I seriously feel pretty and cute whenever i wear this thing! It's like, i'll never get sick of wearing it cause it's so pretty. Know what i mean? 
It so catchy, who wouldn't even notice it! Right? :)

Anyway! Here's My Apple Earrings.
They go so well with the flowers and butterfly on my outfit.
So, why not?

Cute Colored Buddha Beads.
I bought this at a convention 2years ago. I remember begging my mom and dad for money to buy this. 
I wasn't really expecting that there'll be something that i'd like there, so i didn't really bother to bring a wallet. Plus, i was with my mom and dad...WHO NEEDS IT? hahaha! If you know what i mean :)

This actually is sorta made out of rubber.
The thing i like most about this ring, aside from the fact that it is cute! Is that, i don't have to take it off whenever i wash my hands. Since it's rubber and the color doesn't peel or smudge off, it's totally okay if i wet it. Less effort. Cool, huh? 

High waste floral shorts. Pretty nice, i know :)

Now, here's a strong pair of slippers! 
I bought this from CELINE at a very LOW price. This was supposed to be a one time use only, since something happened to my shoes or sandals? (I CAN'T REMEMBER) but i do know that something happened, like it got ruined or something (OBVIOUSLY) So i had to buy something for my feet. I can't go walking around the mall bare foot, right?! So yeah. Anyway! I've been using this for almost how many years already, and would you believe that until now it still looks and feels brand new! A-MAZING!


At some point, i really did fall in love with Cath Kidston. I even had this crazy idea of collecting tons of them! But that didn't happen, i'm contented with only having four. 
And this is one of them.
It's really nice though. Most especially it's oil cloth, BRILLIANT!  
Wait until i blog about the rest of them. Watch out for that! :)

Finally, my "bayong" that has it all! :)) 
It's actually a bag made out of plastic. It's not really a bayong. We just call it that cause it's so big, and it's as if i'd be going to the beach or fish market. See, I was with my friends when i bought this from Saizen, a Japanese store just inside Robinson's department store that sell everything for 85pesos only, and we found this at the tote-area. yeah, my friend liked it, too. But they were all like, "what do you even need that for?" Intuition told me that i'd be needing this, so i bought it, and i really did. Never been wrong :)

So, here. I'm selling Brand New and Pre-Loved Dresses. I also sell and make chocolates (Find Out More On
I just hope i'd be lucky enough to sell all of them, and meet my goals for this summer! 
With fingers crossed,


Before I officially end this post, 
I would want to thank my Aunt, 
Rosana Plana-Barros, 
for the pink Ralph Lauren t-shirt she sent me. 
It's so comfy and cool to wear on a hot summer day. 
The heat really didn't get to me that much though, 
cute and comfy! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Before i go to bed, here’s a little something i’d like to share. This may not be new to some of you, but this corner is one of my favorites! and i hope you wouldn't mind me sharing a little something about it. :)
This is located at an upper corner of my room. It’s a shelf where i keep some of my bags. Since totes and satchels can easily be dealt with by just hanging them almost anywhere, this is where almost all of my handbags go. I keep them secure from dirt, damage, and unwanted stain by keeping them in a cloth bag, paper bag, or plastic bag. (Speaking of cloth, paper, and plastic bags, with what i’m doing, i’m already being environment friendly. I Reduce by Reusing and Recycling! A win-win situation for me and mother nature. You should try it, too!)
Generally speaking, i’m a homebody. I find interest in almost everything here at home. Most especially when it comes to my room. Without this corner, i don’t think i can put my bags anywhere else! It’s not as if i could live with my bags placed just anywhere! So i really intended this corner for a few of my favorite things! :)

I even had an adorable house like figure, both big and small, hung right above the center of the shelf to give it more life! See how nice and pretty it is? It makes me smile every time i look at it! It gives me that calm and cozy feeling of really being at home, don’t you think? :)  

 cloth bag
 paper bag
plastic bag

Hope you guys could do the same and help save mother earth.
Always remember to REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE! 

good night! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stylishly Native

Fashion culture at it's simplest, yet stylish form. 

On an ordinary day, why not wear something that would compliment culture?  
Something kinda native, and stylish! 
Today, i decided to braid my hair for a change. 
I usually tie my hair up in a bun, or simply tie it in a pony tail 
when i feel really hot. 
But since the whole get up was kinda native, braiding my hair was the perfect thing to do other than a fishtail. You see, i totally have no idea on how to braid a fishtail. But if i did, i would've most probably have done that instead! hahaha! 

 Add on charms!
Native style touch ups for the get up.

See how two common bracelets can make a one of a kind look,
by the power of mixing and matching!

Here are two bracelets i threw on.
Both were from separate people who i truly love! 
From my boyfriend's niece and my aunt <3

I found these two bracelets compatible with each other, 
so i thought "why not make them work?" 
They both compliment the whole look anyway! 
Making it not only look native and stylish,
but it also gives that "madam native" kinda feel. 
If you know what i mean. hahaha!

Next up is a heart necklace locket.

There's more to this locket than just a fad. 
The best thing about it, is that you can put the picture of the one you love in it. 
Making wearing it, not only for fashion, but for also a purpose. A purpose in keeping the one you truly love in your heart, wherever you go. 

Of course, this is only a hard copy of it. hahaha! ;)

Sandals that match perfectly my braided hair, 
and color that goes with rest of the outfit.

These sandals are sandals by SHOOOZ. 
If you remember my story from my previous post, this pair was one of the first two in the basket (obviously) 

Now, here's a cute info! 
My sister in law has the same pair, only in a different color. I like it when i have things that pair up with people i love and are important in my life :)

Last but not the least, MY BAG! :)

How could i possibly leave the house without a bag? 
I mean, yeah, sometimes i get tired of bringing one though. But that's only when i have someone else to put all my stuff into, or when i won't take long at someplace, or when i'm with my dad.

This is the first bag i bought at accessorize. 
This is also the bag that started my obsession with accessorize and of course, with bags! I can't explain how obsessed i was before. It was like, i'd visit the store almost everyday, and i'd buy whatever i liked in it as soon as possible! 
Yeah, i do try to control myself sometimes, but at night, it haunts me! 
Making me buy the thing the following day! 

Well, it's probably a good thing i got over that obsession. 
Since, i have almost everything i want in the store already!!! 
I'm pretty sure that makes it easier for me to get over it. hahaha! 
Those were the times :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pretty Simple :)

Hey there, Hey square! 
Welcome to another blog post of mine :)

Today, i decided to wear a pretty simple outfit compatible with the summer sunshine. A plain white long sleeved top from MANGO, a pair of floral breezy shorts from MY MOM'S TEENAGE TIMES, orange shoes by SHOOOZ, Dangling hoops from PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE, and a handbag by STONE MOUNTAIN.

What i like best about mango is that they sell pretty good basic tops. Such as their plain colored tank tops, t-shirts, and long sleeves. We all know how important basic tops are, right? and it's actually a good thing that mango usually has those for us. Not only are they perfectly basic, they fit just right, too. I don't know if this only applies to me and my friends, but as far as I've noticed, their tops actually compliment whatever body type a girl may have, making them look rather sexy. It's just a matter of finding the right size. 

Believe it or not, but this was really from my mom's teenage days. As i was going through her closet, i found this! I just knew that it would be worth customizing! And yeah, it really was :)
This used to be long, but i had a tailor cut it short for me. Now, it looks a whole lot better than before. TADA!!! :D

 Orange shoes by Shoooz. Cool name, huh? Shoooz :)

One day, my dad took us girls (my mom, grandma and sister in law) for shoe shopping. I already i had two pairs in my basket, and i wanted to get this other pair i saw. But dad won't let me cause he said that two was already enough, not unless i would be willing to give up one (pfff!) So i thought of a plan. I looked for a pair that would be of his taste, and of course mine too! And that's when i saw this! I immediately ran to my dad and asked him if i could have the pair. He looked at the shoes and made me wear them. He stared at them for a while and said, "Now, those are shoes!" 
yeeaaah, IT WAS A SUCCESS! 
No pair was left behind :)
Dangling Hoops from people are people that finished my whole outfit!
Never was i wrong to "bling" em' all out today :) 

A handbag by Stone Mountain 

Now, here's a bag that i get tons of likes from. 
Many people compliment this bag way much more than me! Like, yeah, i think i look waaay more better than the bag, people! common! hahaha! :(

But yeah, it is nice. Quality is also good. 
I mean, what's not to like? 
It's actually GORGEOUS!
I'm so lucky to have this! :))

Friday, March 16, 2012

First Post By A Gorgeous Local Person :)

Today is the day that i reunite with my boyfriend who stayed in Manila for almost a month. 
Since Davao is celebrating it's "Araw ng Dabaw" and my boyfriend and i were celebrating our "reunion", I decided to fill in both celebrations by wearing a locally designed dress, which by the way happens to be one of my favorites. 

 The perfect dress to wear for Davao, and for my boyfriend! HAHA! :D 
Of course, i didn't want to wear anything hassle to distract me during a wonderful day for our city and yes, OUR DATE! 
So i threw in a dress that's absolutely fabulous in it's locality, and amazingly comfortable to wear during a day with my baby! :)

Here's a pair of earrings i like to wear during "just for nothing kinda days"
I bought this at a tiangge for only 50pesos! Cheap and nice :)

A bracelet i wore to match the whole "gorgeous local person" kinda look. 
Bought this online (@Fab Online Shop) for only 150pesos! Sulit di ba? :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello Everyone! :)

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