Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stylishly Native

Fashion culture at it's simplest, yet stylish form. 

On an ordinary day, why not wear something that would compliment culture?  
Something kinda native, and stylish! 
Today, i decided to braid my hair for a change. 
I usually tie my hair up in a bun, or simply tie it in a pony tail 
when i feel really hot. 
But since the whole get up was kinda native, braiding my hair was the perfect thing to do other than a fishtail. You see, i totally have no idea on how to braid a fishtail. But if i did, i would've most probably have done that instead! hahaha! 

 Add on charms!
Native style touch ups for the get up.

See how two common bracelets can make a one of a kind look,
by the power of mixing and matching!

Here are two bracelets i threw on.
Both were from separate people who i truly love! 
From my boyfriend's niece and my aunt <3

I found these two bracelets compatible with each other, 
so i thought "why not make them work?" 
They both compliment the whole look anyway! 
Making it not only look native and stylish,
but it also gives that "madam native" kinda feel. 
If you know what i mean. hahaha!

Next up is a heart necklace locket.

There's more to this locket than just a fad. 
The best thing about it, is that you can put the picture of the one you love in it. 
Making wearing it, not only for fashion, but for also a purpose. A purpose in keeping the one you truly love in your heart, wherever you go. 

Of course, this is only a hard copy of it. hahaha! ;)

Sandals that match perfectly my braided hair, 
and color that goes with rest of the outfit.

These sandals are sandals by SHOOOZ. 
If you remember my story from my previous post, this pair was one of the first two in the basket (obviously) 

Now, here's a cute info! 
My sister in law has the same pair, only in a different color. I like it when i have things that pair up with people i love and are important in my life :)

Last but not the least, MY BAG! :)

How could i possibly leave the house without a bag? 
I mean, yeah, sometimes i get tired of bringing one though. But that's only when i have someone else to put all my stuff into, or when i won't take long at someplace, or when i'm with my dad.

This is the first bag i bought at accessorize. 
This is also the bag that started my obsession with accessorize and of course, with bags! I can't explain how obsessed i was before. It was like, i'd visit the store almost everyday, and i'd buy whatever i liked in it as soon as possible! 
Yeah, i do try to control myself sometimes, but at night, it haunts me! 
Making me buy the thing the following day! 

Well, it's probably a good thing i got over that obsession. 
Since, i have almost everything i want in the store already!!! 
I'm pretty sure that makes it easier for me to get over it. hahaha! 
Those were the times :)

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