Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Busy Cutie

Wondering why i have two bags? 
Well if you are, then it's because today is a busy day!
And guess what...

So, yeah. It's summer, and my mom's consistently "FORGETTING" to leave me my allowance. Like, how does she even expect me to leave the house without money, right? If i don't make an effort to go to her to get my allowance, i don't think she'd even bother to just leave it on the table at home. Although yeah, i'm quite lucky she still does give me allowance during summer. But, imagine the hassle. Shes'd make things a whole lot easier if she just leaves the money at home. That way, i wouldn't have to go to her office and like, be a disturbance. Get my point? But whatever. 

And aside from that, there's this swimsuit that i like so bad. 
Like, 'I LIKE IT SO MUCH I HAVE TO HAVE IT' kind of like. 
And i don't think anybody else is going to buy it for me, 
but myself! 

Simple! Like an average teenage girl with 
a scarce amount of  money, 
I'll be selling chocolates that i made, 
and dresses brand new and pre-loved! :)
But of course, a girl doing business should always look appealing to her customers! 
So, here's what i wore! :)

First up, is my favorite butterfly necklace.
See, this is not the first time i wore this. I seriously feel pretty and cute whenever i wear this thing! It's like, i'll never get sick of wearing it cause it's so pretty. Know what i mean? 
It so catchy, who wouldn't even notice it! Right? :)

Anyway! Here's My Apple Earrings.
They go so well with the flowers and butterfly on my outfit.
So, why not?

Cute Colored Buddha Beads.
I bought this at a convention 2years ago. I remember begging my mom and dad for money to buy this. 
I wasn't really expecting that there'll be something that i'd like there, so i didn't really bother to bring a wallet. Plus, i was with my mom and dad...WHO NEEDS IT? hahaha! If you know what i mean :)

This actually is sorta made out of rubber.
The thing i like most about this ring, aside from the fact that it is cute! Is that, i don't have to take it off whenever i wash my hands. Since it's rubber and the color doesn't peel or smudge off, it's totally okay if i wet it. Less effort. Cool, huh? 

High waste floral shorts. Pretty nice, i know :)

Now, here's a strong pair of slippers! 
I bought this from CELINE at a very LOW price. This was supposed to be a one time use only, since something happened to my shoes or sandals? (I CAN'T REMEMBER) but i do know that something happened, like it got ruined or something (OBVIOUSLY) So i had to buy something for my feet. I can't go walking around the mall bare foot, right?! So yeah. Anyway! I've been using this for almost how many years already, and would you believe that until now it still looks and feels brand new! A-MAZING!


At some point, i really did fall in love with Cath Kidston. I even had this crazy idea of collecting tons of them! But that didn't happen, i'm contented with only having four. 
And this is one of them.
It's really nice though. Most especially it's oil cloth, BRILLIANT!  
Wait until i blog about the rest of them. Watch out for that! :)

Finally, my "bayong" that has it all! :)) 
It's actually a bag made out of plastic. It's not really a bayong. We just call it that cause it's so big, and it's as if i'd be going to the beach or fish market. See, I was with my friends when i bought this from Saizen, a Japanese store just inside Robinson's department store that sell everything for 85pesos only, and we found this at the tote-area. yeah, my friend liked it, too. But they were all like, "what do you even need that for?" Intuition told me that i'd be needing this, so i bought it, and i really did. Never been wrong :)

So, here. I'm selling Brand New and Pre-Loved Dresses. I also sell and make chocolates (Find Out More On http://prettygirltreats.tumblr.com/post/20054474455/my-chocolates-and-their-story-before-anything)
I just hope i'd be lucky enough to sell all of them, and meet my goals for this summer! 
With fingers crossed,


Before I officially end this post, 
I would want to thank my Aunt, 
Rosana Plana-Barros, 
for the pink Ralph Lauren t-shirt she sent me. 
It's so comfy and cool to wear on a hot summer day. 
The heat really didn't get to me that much though, 
cute and comfy! :)

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