Thursday, March 29, 2012

Get Loose!

So, are you here for me?

OR, are you here for my bag?!

Sometimes, i could be so NOT funny! But yet, i can still afford to laugh at my own jokes! :)
hahaha! OMG! i feel so stupid. I better stop, right now. 

Loose top. Short Shorts. Hoop Earrings. A few Banggles, and A bag.


And Banggles

OKAY! so, today. I really had no official plans really, other than going to my boyfriend's house of course. When i woke up at around 12pm, oh gosh was it hot!  Not even taking a shower could solve the heat problem. Then, i just knew that i had to wear something breezy! Something that wouldn't make me feel the scourging heat worse than it is! 

I'd really wear a tank top or sleeveless dress, only if i didn't have such a huge stomach and ginormous arms! Like, yeah! I gained weight since my boyfriend got home from Manila, but seriously, i really have to get rid of all these fats before summer class starts! ugh!

So, anyway! I had to look for something loose WITH SLEEVES that would cover my arms. That's when i found this. A loose top my friend and i bought at a thrift shop downtown. It was like, our very first time to go to one, and we were so thrilled to have bought clothes for as low as 20php! You might think twice on buying clothes this cheap, but with this one? 

Today was so hot like WOAH! 
but i managed to take control over that with this top. 
I mean, see how happy i am! I'm actually enjoying it...with em' SHORT SHORTS! :)

It's a designer bag that my boyfriend hates carrying! 
 He obviously doesn't appreciate it's perfectly fine leather and cool signature metal underneath it...MEN! 
He freaks out every time he sees this bag. Clearly, he knows that he'd be the one assigned to carry it. hahahaha!

But if i'd have to carry this myself, I totally wouldn't mind. I mean, if a woman was made to carry around a baby in her womb 24/7 for 9months, then i guess carrying this bag around for a day wouldn't hurt half as much! 
Am i right, ladies? :)

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