Friday, March 23, 2012

Before i go to bed, here’s a little something i’d like to share. This may not be new to some of you, but this corner is one of my favorites! and i hope you wouldn't mind me sharing a little something about it. :)
This is located at an upper corner of my room. It’s a shelf where i keep some of my bags. Since totes and satchels can easily be dealt with by just hanging them almost anywhere, this is where almost all of my handbags go. I keep them secure from dirt, damage, and unwanted stain by keeping them in a cloth bag, paper bag, or plastic bag. (Speaking of cloth, paper, and plastic bags, with what i’m doing, i’m already being environment friendly. I Reduce by Reusing and Recycling! A win-win situation for me and mother nature. You should try it, too!)
Generally speaking, i’m a homebody. I find interest in almost everything here at home. Most especially when it comes to my room. Without this corner, i don’t think i can put my bags anywhere else! It’s not as if i could live with my bags placed just anywhere! So i really intended this corner for a few of my favorite things! :)

I even had an adorable house like figure, both big and small, hung right above the center of the shelf to give it more life! See how nice and pretty it is? It makes me smile every time i look at it! It gives me that calm and cozy feeling of really being at home, don’t you think? :)  

 cloth bag
 paper bag
plastic bag

Hope you guys could do the same and help save mother earth.
Always remember to REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE! 

good night! :)

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